On our tour to Delphi a stop at the Monastery of Osios Lukas is almost mandatory. Listed on Unesco “World Heritage Sites” at the scenic slopes of Mount Helikon it is the best preserved monastery complex from the middle byzantine period in Greece. It boasts some of the most splendid and intact mosaics considered to be leading masterpieces of the byzantine art reputed all over the empire.

About ten minutes before we reach the renowned oracle we will take a short walk in picturesque Arachova, a cosmopolitan mountain village and a popular winter holiday destination which has exerted its charm on many great personalities over the decades. The beautiful mountainous route will now bring us to our chief destination.

Delphi private tours, shuttlesVIP athens private toursDelphi was the place where solar Apollo spoke. A visit to the museum and site set at the foot of the spectacular Mount Parnassos is a unique and fascinating experience steeped in myth, wisdom and beauty. Cities, governors as well as simple people received the divine Delphic oracles which assumed the prestige of law and the inevitability of destiny. The place was considered “the navel of the earth” and embodied the quintessence of pan-Hellenism. It was the most famous among the celebrated Hellenic sanctuaries and a symbol of unity of the ancient Greek world. It is not an exaggeration to say that the oracle virtually dictated individual as well as collective action to the point of even directing the foreign policy of the Greek city states. Once inside the sacred site the visitor will admire the numerous impressive remnants attesting to the glory of the apollonian shrine and is encouraged to sense and take in the serenity and pleasurable eeriness of the place. Our Delphic experience concludes with a visit to the museum. It boasts of many exhibits of inestimable aesthetic and cultural value but the pride of the museum of Delphi is the bronze masterpiece of Iniochos, a statue depicting a young charioteer moments after his victory, one of the rare and wondrous original examples of classical Greek art.

Forty minutes southwest of Delphi lies our final stop: the town and harbor of Galaxidi, an excellent little place to inhale and take in the experience of the day. Galaxidi is one of the Greek towns that have preserved their traditional character as is reflected in the style of local buildings and its neat and beautiful double harbor. You can stroll and enjoy the local colour or have lunch and relax. In the evening we will retrace our route back to Athens. From Galaxidi it will take us approximately three hours.

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