Ancient Olympia

ancient olympia athens private toursWithin about three hours from Athens our destination is the birthplace of the biggest athletic event of ancient and modern era. A mighty brand name. Where it all began, when the Hellenes understood that gentle athletic competition is a pretty way for the man to be humanized, for the best to triumph and for peoples to unite. Olympia, a place of matchless beauty and immense significance, rewards every pilgrim that might come to experience the spirit of the Games, the fairness of the landscape and the cultural riches of the site and museum. Ancient Olympia, along with Delphi, they were the two most important pan-Hellenic sanctuaries and symbols of pride and unity of the Greek world. Every four years the Greeks proclaimed the Olympic truce and gathered at Olympia to honor Zeus, to delight in watching the crest of their youth competing and performing and to corroborate their Hellenic identity. The feeling of stepping on the same stadium, where ancient Greek Olympic athletes first ran, will leave you breathless. The visitor will also marvel at the ruins of the grandiose Temple of Zeus which housed his gold and ivory statue, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Inside the museum, among exhibits of utmost value you will admire the classical beauty and grandeur of Apollo from the sculptural decoration of the Temple of Zeus and you cannot but stand in awe before Hermes by Praxiteles, a statue of exquisite beauty and artistry considered the only original work of the celebrated sculptor.


Near the archaeological site rests the village of Ancient Olympia where we can find excellent souvenirs to buy or seize the opportunity for lunch or coffee.

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